Our Mission

We strive for greatness in every part of our cultivation practices. For us, the journey is just as important as the finish. That is why we take meticulous care of our plants and give back to the Earth as much as possible, from start to finish, harvest after harvest. 

Bon Vivant is crafted with conscious care for the plants, environment, and surrounding community. We grow utilizing the most organic tactics possible which guarantees a finished product that has no pesticides, no PGR's, no microbials, ever. 

ABOUT the farm

Bon Vivant Farm is located in Willits, California. Willits is part of Mendocino County which has been long regarded as part of the Emerald Triangle - a literal triangle of counties that includes Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity.  The Emerald Triangle has been home to cannabis cultivation since the 1960's and we are honored to carry on that legacy today.

About us 

We are a family of farmers with a love for nature and dedication to the earth. Our passion for cannabis, giving back to the land we cultivate on and the community has been and will continue to be our life's work. We are Coral & Kyle, the owners of Bon Vivant Farms.

What We've Achieved

  • Clean Green Certified 
  • Licensed by Mendocino County 
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  • Emerald Cup 2016, 13th Place Cannabis Flower, Chocolate Hashberry 
  • Emerald Cup 2017
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